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A Multi Region Pokemon Game At Last

Pokemon stars,  is it real, is it fake? (As we know there is the bizarre sun and moon event with the man from space, for what that’s worth) I can’t say but I do want to conjecture just a bit about what the next game will contain. That it will be a sun and moon retread or sequel I am almost certain, after all there is no better way to sell the NX, than to tap into die hard pokemon fans who absolutely must play every main series game.  What will go on in this next pokemon game? Well If I had to make one prediction it would be inter regional travel. Now, i know that I already predicted this for sun and moon and then rescinded my prediction upon seeing the length of the story guide, but there seems to be a lot pointing to interregional travel. For example Kanto (and Johto to some extent) are mentioned several times, by several npcs, and by important npcs like Kukui. We’ve ended our story with the most important character in the games traveling to Kanto to find Bill, and this just smacks of a continue plot arch. What’s more an Npc remarks that Alola is far from Kanto, but just close enough to travel to, and clearly lillie was able to travel by boat. Then, on another note, what are those empty plots of land all over all for? I stand by the theory that they are for yet to be constructed gyms. Not saying that the sequels to these games will get rid of trials, but if there is interregional travel with kanto, 16 badges are a must, and assuming of course that they find a way to leave johto out of the game, but who knows, maybe 24 badges if the game is on the nx and has a lot of space. Of course it is at this point that I run the risk of the bonkers idea that the game will feature Kalos, which is presumably connected to Johto and then by default sinnoh which is connected to Johto making these games both the remakes of diamond and pearl (stars/ space themes) and the sequels to sun and moon, and in the end I end up with every fanboys dream of a multi regional game, which is absurd. But who knows, Sun and Moon and a remake of them would be far too small of games to justify a sixty dollar NX price tag, so there’s gotta be something more to them, right?

Anyways these are just my quick post sun and moon thoughts. Please forgive my calling the Switch the NX, it is a force of habit, and as always let me know what you think.

Well, obviously there has really been no sun and moon news and it likely won't come until May 15th but in any event I have some ideas which are small enough not to devote a post to and large enough to be worth mentioning.

 After watching the Magearna Movie trailer several times, and thoroughly examining Magearna more closely I had the idea that perhaps the secret of Magearna is something inside of it.  Inside it's middle circle that looks like a pokeball.  So what is it? Well, borrowing from an idea that I've seen on the internet, perhaps there is 4 Zygarde cores, one for each color represented on Zygarde 100% form's chest. The same colors that coincide with the XY & SM logos.  We've seen the red and blue core, Z1 & Z2 as they're called in the anime, and these cores have allowed Team flare to bring Zygarde 10% and Normal Zygarde out (via the cores), but they haven't been able to bring about Zygarde 100% form. Here's my idea; what if the other two Zygarde cores are the necessary ingredient to bring about Zygarde 100% form?  I think it is a fair assumption to say that Zygarde 100% doesn't appear until the Magearna movie or next Mega Evolution act, (whichever comes out first, I don't know). Perhaps inside Magearna's body, perhaps its secret, are those two other Zygarde cores and this is why Zygarde will first appear in Magearna's movie (as seen in the trailer). 

Then there is this idea that I've seen that the fact that Magearna is a gear pokemon and Volcanion is a steam pokemon is a hint towards Great Britain being the next region.  The fundamentals of the idea is that gears and steam are like steampunk and this means Britain. I don't hold that view, but Britain was the first country in the Western World to industrialize and this involved the invention of the steam engine, which requires steam and gears, that would be the line of argument I would take.  Then there is the detective pikachu game which is a lot like Sherlock Holmes, the popular novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a renowned British literary figure. The logic follows that these things point in the direction of Britain and Britain is near France (Kalos) and in this way Britain will be the new region in SM and the two regions will be connected. I also believe that kalos will be featured in the new game, but I don't think these things point to Britain, primarily because of my belief that the region will be based off of Hawaii.  For one thing, I think with the advent of shows like Sherlock, and Elementary, a Sherlock Holmes revival has swept the world, and its popularity is the reason why this detective pikachu game is coming out.  Then as far as the argument goes that we have a gear and steam pokemon, I don't think this is a good argument because Magearna, though it features gears, is not the gear pokemon, it is the artificial pokemon (Klingklang and its counterparts are the gear pokemon). Again, the primary evidence I have for Hawaii, and the evidence which I feel is the strongest for the next region, is the fact that the vehicles in the SM concept art have rainbows on their license plates, just like in Hawaii.

Then there was one last idea that I had. Many people think that because Corocoro leaked the Box arts with the flash over the legendaries, this means that the legendaries would've been something more shocking than two new legendaries, like Xerneas and Yveltal forms, or Mega Ho oh and Mega Lugia. I honestly think that these games will feature two new legendaries, but I have had the reoccurring thought (that struck me when I first saw the Sun and Moon logos) that perhaps Volcanion and Magearna are the legendaries for these games.  The Moon logo reminds me of Magearna, and the Sun logo (not as much) reminds me of Volcanion.  If the region takes place in Hawaii then Volcanion would make sense as the region would have a Volcano.  On the other hand, Hoenn has a volcano, and it wouldn't make sense that they'd be distributing the Sun legendary when the movie comes out.  And again, I don't think this is the case, but people are making crazy suggestions, like Mega Ho oh and Mega Lugia, so I thought I'd give my crazy suggestion.

Until the news comes out, that's all.


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