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Alolan Form Predictions by pimmermen Alolan Form Predictions by pimmermen
After making a post predicting the mega evolutions in ORAS and being fairly successful, I mean to do the same for the new Alola forms in Sun and Moon. However, bear in mind that I have no access to inside information (no, my dad doesn't actually work at Nintendo), and these predictions run solely along the lines of my logic and understanding of certain pokemon and the Alola region. Also keep in mind that some pokemon are placed in two categories with their circles overlapping. In addition to this, pokemon that I believe will get new Alolan forms typically have pre evolutions that are categorized as somewhat likely to get a form, this is because it is as good a guess as anyone's whether the pre evolution will get a form as in Sandshrew and Sandslash as opposed to Marowak or Exeggcutor. And finally, pokemon that already have mega evolutions and their pre evolutions I do not consider to be likely candidates for Alola forms, and thus won't be discussing them here. Also the reason only Kanto pokemon are being contemplated is because it is my sincere belief that only Kanto pokemon will get Alolan forms.
UPDATE 2/6 Rattata and Raticate are confirmed as having Alola forms

Without Further ado, let's begin.

Caterpie & Metapod: Though I do believe Buterfree to be a strong candidate for a new form, I don't see any potential to change Caterpie and Metapod's design to make the whole chain have Alola forms.

Buterfree: The reason I think Buterfree is such a likely candidate for a new form is threefold; first is the rumor, second is the fact that it had a different form in the Orange Islands, which I think these games are somewhat representative of, and thirdly because Buterfree is one of those pokemon remembered incorrectly in terms of it's type. Buterfree really ought to be a Bug/Psychic type and because it didn't get a mega, whereas Beedrill did, an Alolan form is the perfect time to do so.

Rattata & Raticate: While these pokemon are rumored to have new forms, I don't really know if I believe it. I have noticed from the rumors and from the forms released that the typings tend to come in pairs, as in ice type sandshrew and ice type vulpix, so perhaps these guys will be the counterpart to Meowth. I mean its a cat and mouse game, right?

Fearow: I feel like Fearow could get a new form, however I only say this because it got the short end of the stick when Pidgeot got a mega evolution, and quite frankly it is not mega evolution material to begin with, so if any relevance is to be given to this pokemon it would be through a form. As far as the design and typing is concerned I have no idea as to how it can be changed.

Arbok: Again, Arbok could benefit from some new relevance and I think there's potential for a form based on the fact that some species of snakes were introduced to Hawaii, but what type it would take and what its design would be, I can't say.

Nido Lines ♂& ♀: While Nidoking and Nidoqueen have been rumored to receive ground/fighting type Alola forms, I can't say that I can imagine it. I mean what incentive do they have to change their types living in Alola (maybe they need to fight Bewear?), and even if they did get Alola forms, I don't see any reason to redesign the two pre evolutions.

Clefairy, Clefable, Jigglypuff & Wigglytuff: The only reason I consider these pokemon likely candidates to get an alola form is because of their descriptions and lifestyles heavily emphasizing the moon, and moon being one of the titles. Honestly though, I think they are much more likely to get mega evolutions, which I am pretty sure are not even returning in these games

Zubat & Golbat: Not likely because they have already been seen in normal form in the trailers.

Oddish, Gloom, & Vileplume: I don't have any really strong inclinations for these pokemon, but I can picture a Poison/Fairy type Vileplume in my mind very clearly.

Paras & Parasect: While the rumor's backstory and art for these pokemon getting Alola forms is very convincing, what with Morelull infecting them, I don't know if I buy it. Just to be clear though, I am not saying they won't, I am just not sure honestly.

Venonat & Venomoth: I don't see any way to change the designs and type of these pokemon and I don't see any real reason to give them any new relevance.

Diglett & Dugtrio: I think we can all imagine a fire/ground Diglett Line, but other than that, there is nothing really suggesting it will have a new form, at least in my mind.

Persian: Because Meowth has been given an Alola form that was bred by the royal family and changed its type and appearance, it would be odd if it evolved into a normal Persian.

Psyduck & Golduck: The reasoning behind this is very much the same as for Buterfree. Because Golduck is remembered and ought to be a water/psychic type, now is the prime opportunity to do so, though I see no reason to change Psyduck.

Mankey & Primeape: Anyone who remembers the TCG booster pack from 1997 that showed Alolan exeggcutor will understand my reasoning behind these pokemon getting Alolan forms. If you remember, in the booster pack art a mankey was hanging on the neck of an Alolan Exeggcutor, so my thinking is that spending so much time in the tall exeggcutor palm trees might make Mankey evolve into a grass/fighting Primeape.

Arcanine & Growlithe: A week ago I would've put these pokemon as likely and rumored, however recent evidence seems to show that Arcanine will be in the game in normal form. Though another part of me thinks you can't give Ninetails an Alolan Form and not give Arcanine one.

Poliwag, Poliwhirl, & Poliwrath: I can't see anything specifically for these guys, but I never would've predicted Vulpix and Ninetails new forms, so what do I know.

Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam: Though these pokemon are rumored to have fighting type Alola forms, I don't see any environmental change that could spur such a type change.

Machop, Machoke, & Machamp: The only reasoning behind this is based on the Abra line getting forms (as in a type reversal of both of these lines), and the fact that I'd like Machamp to be relevant again.

Bellsprout, Weepinbell, & Victrebell: Because these pokemon are grass type, and they're based off of the Bell flower which can be found in Hawaii, I might expect them to get a new form, though I am not sure what it would be. Part of me wants to say Grass/Fire, though I don't have any real reason besides the fact that I can see fire coming out of Victrebell's mouth.

Tentacool & Tentacruel: Nothing to change, Jellyfish exist unchanged in Hawaii.

Geodude, Graveller, & Golem: I think everyone is pretty sure Golem will be getting a fire/rock type form because of lava explosions that cool into boulders, and this is rumored, but as far as Geodude and Graveller are concerned, I don't see them being redesigned.

Ponyta & Rapidash: The reasoning behind these two is as follows; Ponyta will likely be found on the volcanoes of the region, one of which appears to be the tallest point in the region, so as Ponyta makes its way up the Volcano, I can see it evolving into a pegasus rapidash that can fly from the top of the tall volcano as a fire/flying type.

Magnemite & Magneton: I refuse to believe these pokemon's forms or types could be changed. On top of that, I believe that only Kanto pokemon will get form changes which means that Magnezone is an obstacle. Also Steel and Electric type are heavily implied in these pokemon's names, whereas Vulpix and Ninetails do not have such a clear cut reference to fire.

Farfetch'd: If farfetch'd will never get his flying/fighting mega evolution, the least that can be done for it is to give it an Alola form of the same type. Perhaps It needs a bigger leek and muscles to knock coconut heads from the tall exeggecutor and gains a fighting type.

Dodou & Dodrio: These pokemon are rumored to have fighting type Alola forms, and while it is more believable that these flightless birds would get fighting type forms, I still consider it unlikely.

Seel & Dewgong: The only reason these guys might get a form is because the ice type is not necessarily suitable for the warm Alola waters, but I don't consider them likely.

Grimer & Muk: The rumor that these poison sludge pokemon will be ground types is feasible, because there doesn't seem to be as much pollution in Alola, but I still consider them a long shot.

Shelder & Cloyster: The reasoning behind these guys is the same as Seel and Dewgong.

Onix: I'm torn between saying Onix is somewhat likely and not likely. This is because I can conceive of a crystal onix that is an ice type, akin to that of the orange islands, however I think it's evolution would be problematic as I cannot imagine ice turning into steel type.

Drowzee & Hypno: These are perhaps the pokemon I would be most excited to see get Alola forms, not because I am terribly fond of them, but because of the fact that Drowzee's pokedex entries all read something akin to the fact that it doesn't like the taste of bad dreams when it sucks dreams out of people's nostrils. What if, in Alola, either because bad dreams are so scarce (and become a delicacy), because everyone is happy, or because they're very prevalent because of Lunala's darkness. Now is the time to unleash the malevolent potential of these pokemon, especially Hypno, who is known to kidnap little girls and boys (which could totally be a sidequest). Obviously they would become dark type.

Krabby & Kingler: I mean they're crabs, what else can be done with them, especially considering the fact that a new crab pokemon is being introduced in these games.

Voltorb & Electrode: The only reason I say that these guys are likely is because I like the fan art of them as beach balls that become flying type (though it is unlikely as their names imply electric type).

Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, & Lickitung: These pokemon are too iconic to have their designs changed, at least in my opinion. Also the Hitmons are clearly based off of fighters so a type change is unlikely, and then what do you change Lickitung's type to?

Koffing & Wheezing: Rumored to get fire type forms, I could care less if they do or not.

Rhyhorn & Rhydon: I can't see these pokemon getting new forms, but if there is something to the pairs of typings, these guys might do well as fire/rock types along with Golem.

Chansey: I can't see Chansey getting a new form. On top of that is the Blissey problem, though if Chansey were to get a new form it is conceivable that it would be normal/fighting because of the lucky punch item that Blissey holds.

Tangela: I said somewhat likely but I don't think it likely at all because of Tangrowth.

Kanghaskhan: Rumored to get a fighting type alola form, I can't see such a unique mega evolution being tinkered with, where it is conceivable that Alakazam's could be.

Horsea & Seadra: The only conceivable type change would be to add dragon, but then there's Kingdra, so it would be pretty pointless.

Goldeen & Seaking: For some reason I could see these guys getting water flying forms and looking more like flying fish.

Staryu & Starmie: I can see these pokemon getting an Alola form, but I don't know what the type change would be.

Scyther: I think the fact that it evolves in Gen 2 and has a Mega both make it highly unlikely to receive an alola form.

Jynx: Again, this one is really only because I like the fan art I've seen. But I mean, come on, you have the chance to not hamhandedly make a Hula dancer pokemon, throw a Comfey around it's neck, make it a grass/fairy type and you're set.

Electabuzz, Magmar, & Pinsir: Because of mega evolutions and gen 4 evolutions these pokemon are not likely to get Alola forms.

Tauros, Magikarp, & Gyarados: Tauros has already been seen to have no form change, as has Gyarados, and plus Gyarados has a mega already.

Lapras: Lapras could stand to lose the ice type in these new warm waters, it could also stand to have it's design creatively changed. However, as i write this, I realize that it is a pokeride pokemon and has been seen to have no design changes, Whoops!

All the rest of the pokemon being listed as not likely, I think is pretty self explanatory. The only conceivable objection might be the fossils and Dragonair, however to those objectors I would say that the fossil pokemon don't seem fair game as they are unique to one region, and Aerodactyl has a mega. With regard to Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite, I like the one design I've seen, but I can't justify the form or type change in any way, also Dragonite is listed on the Japanese website as being in the game, without a form change.

So those are my predictions.

Let me know what you think.
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pokemonsonicgirl123 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

I want Ponyta to stay the way it is. It's way too cute to be changed.
pimmermen Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Do not Worry! This is totally out of date and, I haven't looked at all the leaks of the whole pokedex, but I can tell you Ponyta does not get an Alolan Form.
pokemonsonicgirl123 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well thank God. Ponyta is one of the cutest Pokemon out there and I'd hate to see an Alolan form of that.
MegaSylar Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Make an update including Rattata and Raticate with Alola form. Also, is possible to see in some trailers and on that big poster a Tauros with white mane, likely to be Alola form and Ice type or Normal/Ice
pimmermen Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Every other time Tauros has been shown (and there have been many) it's normal, so I wouldn't count on it. Also there's only a tiny fraction of ice climate in this region, how many pokemon can be fit into such a small area.
SkydraoftheGoddesses Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dark Type Alolan ratatta, this needs updating!
pimmermen Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Should've thought that through more. I made it the day before an announcement.:(
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