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Pokemon Sun and Moon Opinion Meme by pimmermen Pokemon Sun and Moon Opinion Meme by pimmermen
Finally got around to doing this beautifully redone meme by SkydraoftheGoddesses . Also it should be said that I have changed my mind on quite a few pokemon as the trailers have rolled out, one after another.

Rowlett: A beautiful little pokemon, though the starter evolutions are leaked, I am hoping that the rumor of there being two per each is true, because I don't like his final evolution. Though I will say that I like it most of the three leaked final forms.

Dartrix: There's nothing inherently wrong with the design (which is not that great) but it's demeanor is just off putting, if that makes sense.

Decidueye: I'm guessing it's a play on deciduous and eye but still it's a pretty ham handed name if you ask me. Looks better than I expected based on the leaks, and it is much better as a ghost type than flying, though I can't say it makes sense.This starter evolution is ugly (and the same applies to Inceneroar) but in a different way from Chesnaught and Delphox where its appearance will surely grow on me.

Litten: I Love litten just as I loved fenniken and nothing will ever change that, however, it's hideous leaked evolution will keep me from ever choosing it as my starter, just like Fenniken.

Torracat: Very surprised to see it still on all fours. It is a most cruel tease given that its final form is an ugly biped wrestler. However, it goes without saying that of the middle forms Torracat is far and away the best.

Incineroar: Looks better than expected from the leaks and has pretty hilarious animations so I give it a pass. It will grow on me just as Emboar has.

Popplio: Popplio has grown on me a lot since its reveal, and though I hate to say it, the water starter may once again end up with the least goofy final evolution.

Brionne: I hate it, but with a qualification. If it's animation in the game was the same as its official art, that is, it swimming rather than standing up like a dopey clown, I would love it despite its overt femininity. That said, as I look at the final forms it would seem that I will once again be choosing the least bad of the designs and that happens to be popplio's but, I honestly am starting to like the final form.

Primarina: Beautiful name, beautiful cry, and beautiful appearance. Mix that with the OP water/fairy (wondering why the better starter is OP over its rival in every case except Decidueye) I'm sold. This pokemon, I can say for certain will be on my team.

Pikipek: There is infinite potential for this guy, but ultimately if he ended up like swellow or Fearow, I wouldn't mind.

Yungoos: Pretty good.

Gumshoos: It does look a bit like Trump, but I don't care. I like its design and I absolutely love its cry.

Grubbin: Pegged him as a winner from the beginning.

Charjabug: Looks like a train and wall plug socket.

Vikavolt: Appearance and type wise, this pokemon has everything I want. I will probably use it on my team, but if it has buterfree stats as opposed to Scoliopede, I'll be upset.

Rockruff: Beautiful.

Lycanroc: (Sun) Cool, its like a dog version of Luxray. It is probably going to be shit competitively though. (Moon) Actually looks better than I expected and has grown on me since its reveal, to the point where I might like it better than the sun version.

Komala: Neat.

Tapu Koko: Easily the most awesome legendary I've seen in a long time.

Tapu Lele: Not great, not terrible.

Tapu Bulu: It's cool and all, but I thought the colors of the islands were supposed to be the types, this thing could easily be fire/fairy.

Tapu Fini: Again, it's cool, but why not Ghost type.

Drampa: Falkor.

Bruxish: It's ugly, and its name reminds me of Bruxism, which is a problem I suffer from.

Cutiefly: It's gonna be trash competitively and is really just a Mothim/Masquerain clone, but its cool.

Togedemaru: It's a clone, and without an evolution it doesn't peek my interest.

Salandit: Very cool, great type combo (though not competitively speaking) and I might use it assuming it has an evolution.

Mimmikyu: Creepy, but cool. Needs to have a lot of lore incorporated into the games.

Stufful: When the art leaked I hated it, but its gameplay is just too damn cute. Though I feel so so on Bewear, I may actually use it just to have Stufful in my party for a time.

Bewear: It's not as bad as I first thought, but not very creative with its design.

Wimpod: Love to see another trilobite pokemon (as if Kabuto and Anorith weren't enough) with a pointless ability (sarcasm implied). But it has a decent design.

Bounsweet: If this guy evolves into a grass/fire type pepper pokemon as the rumors suggest, it will be forever redeemed in my eyes.

Steenee: Not the grass/fire type I was hoping for but its not bad. I won't use it, and it looks a bit like Kirlia, but still, its okay.

Tsareena: The design kind of freaks me out, but the name redeems it because its clearly a pun on Tsarina, and I am a big fan of Russian History.

Comfey: Very good considering that it's based off of a lay.

Mudbray: Cute and better looking than Mudsdale.

Mudsdale: Weird coloring but looks fine.

Alolan Exeggcutor: At first glance I thought it was stupid, but its goofiness has grown on me, and I like how its attack animation is it slamming its neck down.

Alolan Vulpix: Good. Looks like a cloud.

Alolan Ninetails: I like it and hope to see the rumored water type arcanine.

Alolan Sandshrew: Looks like an igloo.

Alolan Sandslash: I like the idea of redesigning and typing sandslash (to make it more competitively viable) but it's a shame that it had to be made even worse than it was before. The design is cool though.

Oricorio: Literally the only one I like is sensu style, but the others pass, except Pom Pom, that is just awful.

Minior: No point but nice design.

Fomatis: no comment.

Lurantis: Like the cry and design, except the circus pants.

Wishiwashi: Just felt like a meh pokemon upon its reveal, but afterwards, especially in the most recent trailer, where it can be seen emerging as a gargantuan from the water and almost eating the player has cemented this pokemon as one of my all time favorites. Let's hope it can actually be used competitively.

Sandygast: No. Just No.

Pallosand: Not as bad as Sandygast, but not that good either.

Pyukumuku: I like it. It's cry and description are great, and it promises to be a good competitive pokemon.

Morelull: Neat.

Alolan Nyarth: Not a very creative design but whatever.

Alolan Persian: I like the big head but it's a weak design.

Alolan Marowak: Very cool, and its animation is wicked awesome.

Alolan Raichu: Puku the Pikachu evolved. Also it is funny to note that I've always wanted an electric/psychic type, until we got Alolan Raichu and I realized that the type combo is actually not that good.

Turtunator: Design wise I don't have anything to say; don't love it, don't hate it. Type wise, it should be fun.

Crabrawler: Hideous.

Alolan Rattata: Like the mustache.

Alolan Raticate: Better than Alolan Rattata and cool. Although competitively it will be even worse than regular Raticate.

Type: Null: Very interesting concept, hoping for a lot of lore behind this guy. Don't just be like Absol in RSE. I thought Absol was amazing when I first saw it in the wild in Pokemon Sapphire, but then it just turned out to be a meh pokemon.

Jangmo-o: Do I sense an electric/Dragon type in your future?

Hakomo-o: Was totally wrong on the type prediction and I realize foolishly so in retrospect but I digress. This is a dank ass pokemon, its like charmerleon which is a favorite, and I do see parallels between the final form and charizard, which I've always liked less than charmeleon. Dragon/Fighting is awesome.

Kommo-o: Something a little weird about the design but compared to something like Hydregion or Goodra it's fantastic. It's very similar to charizard in my eyes, what with the fact that the middle stage is cooler than it.

Passimian: I like it a lot and might consider using it, unfortunately I'm getting Moon.

Oranguru: It has a creepy vibe at first glance but it's pretty good type and ability wise.

Alolan Grimer: Looks dumb with the teeth and coolant lipstick but whatever.

Alolan Muk: Still looks ugly and dumb but it is bomb as far as type goes, what with minimize and such, also I like that the colors flow on it in a trippy way during battle.

Cosmog: I haven't seen the leaks but I don't think this thing is Lunala's pre evolution. It is however, intriguing, though probably useless as a space in the pokedex.

Solgaleo: Although I didn't like it at first, the aforementioned trailer with the animations of the legendaries has made me like it.

Lunala: The trailer, again, made me go from seeing this as the less of two uglies, to a badass bat. I'm getting moon obviously.

Magearna: Liked the movie and I like the design. Just wish there was a more substantial plot around soul heart. Hopefully they play it out differently or more in depth in the games, although the fact that it's a distribution doesn't really suggest that that will be the case.
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iherduleikdragonites Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
FYI, Kabuto is based on a horseshoe crab much more than a trilobite, and Anorith's design is almost a direct match to the real-life Anomalocaris, decidedly not a trilobite. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to it from an evolutionary standpoint.
pimmermen Featured By Owner Edited Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Okay Okay. Chelicerata/Merostomata if you must be exact. It's been years since I took Marine biology so I don't remember a lot.
Flutterbunny76 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016
Sorry, but Rockruff is said to turn into a werewolf and I don't see anything wrong with that.
pimmermen Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
There's nothing inherently wrong with that. But based on the trend of Bipedal evolutions that have been leaked this generation, it makes me nervous.
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