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Pokemon Sun and Moon Timeline by pimmermen Pokemon Sun and Moon Timeline by pimmermen
This is going to be a quick little post (we'll say in honor of the Diamond and Pearl Anniversary)

Placing sun and moon on the timeline or the wider Pokemon Universe before we even have the games seems like a fools errand, but what can I say, I am a fool.
As I see it we have been shown one, maybe two things in the trailers that would help us place these games on the timeline given by Matsumiya. 

The first thing that allows us to place these games on the timeline somewhat definitively is the scene from the trailer where we see sina and dexio. Sina and dexio appear to the character to offer the z cube. This would mean that they're appearing somewhere near xy in the timeline, either before the  events of that game or after, as they were in kalos at the time of the games. So then which is it? I believe it's after the events of xy for two solid reasons and some speculative reasons.
The first reason is that sina and dexio look noticeably older than they did in xy, though one might argue that this is simply due to the shift from Chibi sprites to the more realistic ones.
Secondly, in a Japanese trailer we saw a dialogue box for Burnett. Far from being confirmed, Many have speculated that this is none other than professor Burnett of the dream radar, which means that we are dealing with a gen five character. Based on the timeline, we know that xy take place at the  same time as bw2 where we know professor Burnett was at the time of those games, therefore she must be in alola before or after the events of those games, seeing as how she was not very old in bw2 it's only logical to conclude that she wouldn't be there before the events of xy/bw2. Therefore she must be there after the  events of xy. And thus, using three characters we've been shown, we can place sun and moon after xy, though presumably not very long after, a year or so, akin to the sequel that many anticipated for xy.
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September 27, 2016
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